If Youre Over Me

If Youre Over Me

Title:You're Not In Love With Me.
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Date:09 January 2016
Duration:4:39 Min
Dis Like:3,589

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"It's not you ,
It's not you it's me right ? Really
This is over ..."
[720p H-D ]
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
● Hi,
This video means so much to me. It's the first one of 2016 and I'm sorry I wanted it to be cheerful and all but that's just not who I am anymore. When I feel down about something I write my though on something anything will do and yesterday I found a bunch of note I used to write before,
Here it goes :
Why are we always attracted by the wrong people ?
Those one who dares to ignore you at the beginning those who dares to ask you; ew what's your name again ?
Come on this is so impolite could you at least pay attention to my existence I'm someone okay how do you dare telling me that ?
Nowadays I told myself that the best revenge on those kind of people is to ignore them and react just the same when they came to you cause c'mon that's given given...
They deserve to feel as little as they made you feel like.

#Okay don't be too arch on me I was a bit naïf when I wrote it down but now that I re-read it, it feels just as great as it made me feel to wrote it once. Don't let anyone brings you down guys.
You're never gonna feel anything [...] How you're gonna do that ?
I'll figure it out !
(this is just my fav' quote ever )

I wish you all an Happy New Year, even If I found this a little too optimistic cause you don't know what your year will be like.
Let's hope the best is yet to come.
//Hope you'll all love it, don't forget to leave me your opinion, cause idk If I will vid' another 4:30min, perhapsit wasn't worth it.

I love you all so much Bear hugs sweeties (◕o◕)
xoxo ♥ thank 's a lot for watching .

❃ Subbing would be sweet .

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The video titled If Youre Over Me has been published on youtube on the date 09 January 2016 with a long duration reaching 4:39 Minute. Until now, video If Youre Over Me have gotten 15,582,966 times views on youtube, and that is a great achievement. As many as 438,552 people have liked the video You're Not In Love With Me.. even so, video You're Not In Love With Me. also get a negative rating in the form of 3,589 unlike. Video If Youre Over Me uploaded by management jemwhisper

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